About Our Church

front window of church
We are an independent, Protestant church serving the community of Short Beach, Branford CT. As a “union” church, we bring together worshipers from a variety of Christian denominations, including Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Roman Catholic. Our services are similar to most “main-line” Protestant traditions.

Our present minister, the Rev. Lee “Skip” Ferry,  is ordained in the United Church of Christ/UCC (Congregational).  Past ministers have been from other traditions. 

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History of the Church

Founded in 1883, Short Beach Union Church continues to be the oldest running Non-Denominational Church in Connecticut. It was started in 1883 when Short Beach was a summer resort area. Many peoples from different faiths chose to come together. The building was put together with donations from the community. Its pews were donated by a Synagogue in New Haven, and its stained glass windows by a local Church. At its height it had the largest Sunday School in Connecticut.  The Church has been recently renovated back to its original state with donations and is a historical landmark, and this was done again with donations from members and the community. It remains a place of worship, and a place that the community of Short Beach holds special.

We are very easy going and many of our neighbors come from many different Christian backgrounds: Congregational, UCC, Unitarian, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and more. Please feel free to join us for Sunday worship or drop in for a visit when you can.

The Church is self governed, with a commitment to serving the local and regional community. We are involved with Giving to the Community Dining Hall, the Food Bank, the Branford Counseling Center; families in need, as well as bringing the community together for suppers to help with fundraising.

Currently the Church is being used for community gatherings as well. The Short Beach Association meets monthly, yoga and children’s play groups are here weekly. “History of Short Beach” lectures and Short Beach photography shows have been held here as well.

The meetinghouse is available for family and community functions.  The building includes a chapel that seats 75, a fellowship hall, and a kitchen. Inquiries about use of the meetinghouse should be directed to Doug Bono, (203) 488-1879.

For general information about our Church, please contact Betty Peterson (203) 488-7906.